Marine Catering Services

As a marine catering company, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke catering service for our marine clients, focused on creativity and quality, underlined by transparency and reliability.

Our vastly experienced Operations Team, ensure that no matter what size of crew we are catering for, our chefs produce menus of the highest quality that adhere to our Restore, Rest, Ready ethos, ensuring that your crew are ready for whatever challenges may face them.

Our catering and housekeeping crews are sourced by our sister company Northern Marine Manning Services, who can draw upon experienced personnel from across the globe, and who have experience of working in a maritime environment.

And supplies are taken care of by our other sister company Francois Marine & Offshore, who through their worldwide network of locations, including Singapore, China, South Korea and the Netherlands, can supply high quality fresh, frozen and dry provisions to any port.

And we utilise these ingredients in a way that recognises and celebrate the diversity of food. What might seem basic from the outside, can be bursting with flavour when the right ingredients are brought together, and play their part in providing 'Health by Stealth'