Proudly customer-focused leadership

Led by our highly experienced management team, each with extensive knowledge of our services and the finer details of ensuring a healthy and comfortable quality of life for our offshore customers. 

Hugh Rapson Head of Francois Offshore Catering

Hugh Rapson’s career began in 1985 with Debenhams before moving into Remote Sites Catering in 1999 with Sodexo. In the early years Hugh supported a global client base spanning the Shetland Islands to the Falkland Islands. Moving from Sodexo to the Compass Group in 2011, Hugh held the position of UK Finance Manager for the Shell contract. Returning to Sodexo’s leadership team in 2013 as Business Development Director, Hugh spent the next 7 years growing the company's energy portfolio with a diverse range of oil, gas and renewables clients. Hugh joined Francois Offshore Catering in January 2020 as Business Head.

Stewart Farmerey International Operations Manager

Stewart Farmerey has over 35 years experience in the offshore catering industry, working with brands such as Compass and Aramark, having started as a chef before working his way through the ranks to become an Operations Manager. Before beginning his offshore career, Stewart was trained to the rigorous high standards of British Transport Hotels which embedded a passion for food, quality and service which has remained with him throughout his career.

Paul Flannigan International Operations Manager

Paul spent 24 years in the Royal Navy as Chief Petty Officer Catering Services having served globally including in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Iraq, before leaving in 2011. He then served as Facilities and Flotel Services Manager for Prosafe, one of the world’s leading operators of Flotel accommodation, with responsibility for on-board facilities and accommodation, and was also involved in the design of Prosafe’s new build vessels, Safe Boreas and Zephyrus in Singapore and Safe Notos and Eurus in China. Paul brought his wealth of diverse experience to Francois Offshore Catering in 2020. 

Iain Mearns International Operations Manager

Iain Mearns Joined Francois Offshore Catering in 2019 as International Operations Manager, following an extensive career in both onshore and offshore catering industries. Experienced in both Senior Chef and Camp Boss roles, Iain has a refined understanding of what it takes to provide a first-class catering and housekeeping service to the offshore industry. Having also studied Consumer Product Management to Degree level and worked on New Product Development within the retail sector, Iain has a fine eye for detail and an in-depth understanding in how to tailor a service or product to exceed clients' expectations.